Aisha Asby, PhD, native of Charleston, SC, is an Assistant Professor and financial educator.


Dr. Asby teaches both undergraduate and graduate level psychology courses in the Psychology Department at Prairie View A&M University. She received most of her graduate training in facilities that provided services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, providing assessment and counseling services. She also served as a consultant to an Non-Government Organization that provided funding for community based programs that targeted orphans and vulnerable children of HIV/AIDS in Kampala, Uganda. Dr. Asby had worked in several other settings including charter schools, community mental health centers, and juvenile probation.While is these settings, she conducted psychological assessments and psychosocial therapy to children and adolescents.


Overall, her interests and expertise relate to identifying risk and protective factors of mental health outcomes for children and adolescents, especially among those who have experienced adverse life events, such as bullying, maternal disease, and adjudication. For the past two years, she served as the PI (Project Director) for the KAPOW! Project (Grant #: 1H79SP020196-01), a SAMHSA funded grant aimed at increasing awareness of HIV status among young adults between ages 18-24, in addition to reducing high risk behaviors.Dr. Asby partners with Change Happens on other projects, including the evaluation of the effectiveness of a mentor program for pre-adjudicated youth.


Beyond the classroom, Dr. Asby continues to educate and guide families in the areas of college planning and wealth building.

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