Fitness Tip

Cardio burns calories, reduces stress, helps you lose weight, and is good for your lungs and heart, but cardio isn't the only thing your body needs. It's also important to strength train to tone your muscles, increase your metabolism, and increase your muscle mass. 


So a good rule of thumb is to include all three — cardio, strength training, and stretching — in every workout. You can start with 30 minutes of jogging, followed by 20 minutes of dumbbell exercises, and finish with 20 minutes of yoga. 


(Information received from http://www.popsugar.com/fitness)

Over 40% of inner-city residents live in medical poverty, relying on Medicaid for their total family health—twice as high as the rate for Charleston County as a whole (US Census Bureau)


Empowering our youth to become healthy is another goal of R3 Inc. Often times that entails providing basic meals and nutritious snacks. Other times, it involves serving as a bridge to medical programs, resources and counseling in many different areas.


Consider: Major qualities of life include physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual factors.


A high level of health and wellness in one of these areas enhances the other areas. Most life habits are formed when people are in their growing years, so it is important to form good, healthy habits when you are young. Our goal is to not only increase the youth’s physical performance, but also promote cardiovascular fitness, and inspire them to be smart and strong through fitness and health education.



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