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Free Laundry Events at Laundry Matters

Who: Individuals, Businesses, Organizations, Church groups, etc. What: A designated time where a small group of 4-6 volunteers facilitate free laundry services at Laundry Matters for the Eastside community.

Where: Laundry Matters, 51 Reid Street in downtown Charleston, SC

When: Any weeknight or weekend

Why: Access to clean clothes is a great need in the Eastside, especially within the homeless community. Although the homeless community has great access to clothing closets, these clothes have no way to be laundered which means they are disposed of frequently and the individual is required to be dependent on free clothing handouts. Free laundry services further prevent the spread of lice, ringworm, bedbugs and other harmful diseases, which permeate the community and can be easily remedied with clean clothes. In addition to school and work uniforms which need to be laundered regularly, providing free access to clean clothes is a critical need as it preserves the pride and dignity of our neighbors who have no convenient access to another affordable laundromat.

How: A small volunteer group of 4-6 people serve at Laundry Matters for 2-3 hours with $75-$100 worth of quarters to fund one free wash and dry per customer for the Eastside community. Additionally, volunteers can bring board games, snacks or other activities to entertain and engage our neighbors while they wait for their laundry to be completed.

Laundry Matters

One of the most important assets of the community is the neighborhood's only laundromat, Laundry Matters.

Laundry Matters is an essential resource for the community. At the laundry, we employ two local residents, provide free laundry services for homeless individuals and provide other empowering resources for the community. We even host FREE LAUNDRY EVENTS for the community as often as possible. In fact, with your help, we could make every night a free laundry night. If you, your organization, or your business want to sponsor a free laundry night, let us know. The average donation is $100/event but the impact is priceless.

Laundry Matters 
51 Reid St. 
Charleston, SC 29403 
(843) 718-2978 
Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 6pm 
Fri - Sun: 9am - 5pm

(Last wash and dry 1 hour before closing)  

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