Motivating and encouraging youth to succeed in all aspects of life is our ultimate goal. We help the youth to overcome unfortunate situations, build positive relationships and make healthy choices. We offer programs that motivate, inspire and empower the youth.


EYWM - Real Talk

Offers the youth many different activities, forums, and talk sessions to increase the importance of education, enhance positive social behavior while increasing their self-worth and self-esteem. By enhancing these areas, they become equipped with tools to achieve success.



After school Think Tank (ASTT)

Provides encouragement and motivation to the youth, beyond the classroom. Our main goal is to encourage a love for academic success while promoting leadership and teaching effective communication skills.

Kids Cook

A 4 to 6 week culinary class that will teach kids the facts about nutrition and provide instructions for safe preparation of healthy meals at home. In addition, it promotes fruit and vegetable consumption in children living in low income households.

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